Zone 1

An Introduction to Eli Cohen's World and his Mission

The foyer will provide emotional preparation for identification with Eli Cohen's world and his secret intelligence assignment, with the intention of arousing sympathy with the subject of personal initiative.

The visit to the Center commences with the entry of the group into a darkened room where they "overhear" a hush-hush conversation between a "manipulator" and a secret agent.

This arouses the impression that they are presently listening to a confidential conversation they were not supposed to hear.
The exposure to a secret conversation will impress on the visitors the magnitude of Eli Cohen's measure of self-sacrifice in his task as an intelligence agent and will at the same time arouse each one of the visitors to contemplate the matter of personal self-sacrifice in pursuit of a mission.

The visitors are then requested to answer a series of questions, the answers to which are relayed onto a wall screen - as if they were inside a control room.

The activity in this zone will emphasize the importance of wakefulness and careful attention that are required from one who is sent on a mission. He is obligated to put his personal needs aside in favor of the demands that arise in the course of fulfilling his task.

On conclusion of the activity, a movie is screened to explain the workings of the Intelligence Forces as a background to the visit.

The movie leads the spectators to the sources of intelligence information with a stress on Eli Cohen as a fighter for our heritage.

It will awaken in the visitors' minds a high level of awareness as to the complexity of the processes involved and the investment in fine details. They will be "charged" with the need to undertake a thorough scrutiny of every item they encounter in the course of their visit to the Center, and try to understand what task it plays in enriching their present experience.

Zone 2

The Aptitudes of the Intelligence Fighter, Eli Cohen, of his Friends and his Family Members, along the Axis of Time

With the conclusion of the introductory activities, the visitors commence a route along which they will become familiar with Eli Cohen's life story from his childhood days until he was recruited by the Mossad, from Egypt to Bat-Yam.

The historical information about Eli Cohen's make-up along the axis of time is essential if we wish to identify with Eli, with his character, his family and his work.

The entire experience of the visitor at the Center is connected with a chronological time axis that tells Eli Cohen's life story from childhood through adulthood.

The visitor will view Eli as a child in Alexandria, participate in the excitement of his Bar Mitzvah when he was called to the reading of the Torah, meet him as a pupil at the French lycée, learn of his experiences as a university student in the shadow of the "Unfortunate Affair", experience the excitement of his wedding day, get a glimpse of his private life at home through photographs, and more.

The time axis will include, wherever possible, personal artefacts as well as photographs and videos of interviews with figures he encountered in his lifetime.

The time axis of his life story will be interwoven with meaningful events connected with the evolvement of the new State.

During their exposure, the visitors will experience/identify with/discover traits that Eli cultivated during his lifetime and which served as a background for his work with the Intelligence Services.

Daring, good sense and cunning, personal charisma - the ability to carry others away with his ideas, to hold them spellbound and put them into action.

Good salesmanship, proficiency in handling intricate communication networks, knowledge of a wide and comprehensive range of subjects, fluency in a number of languages, an outstanding memory, high adaptability to all kinds of situations, and the gifts of outstanding intelligence, reliability and loyalty.

Above all, he must possess the ability to "act out" his role.

The agent must be capable of acting as the protagonist in the new situation he is creating without any possibility of discovering "holes" in his disguise.After the visitors will have sharpened their powers of discrimination in the course of their activities thus far, they will learn the power of verbal and of non-verbal communication and have the opportunity to try out the tools employed by the intelligence, thereby engraving the experience in their memories.

Zone 3

The Passage of Eli Cohen's Life (Recruitment and Training)

The Passage of Eli Cohen's Life (Recruitment and Training) In the previous zones the visitors received an "introduction" to Eli Cohen's life and got to know the qualities and proficiencies required from an intelligence agent.

With the aid of Eli's story, the visitors will appreciate the meaning of a cover story and how it is built up.
After learning what parameters are required to build a cover story, apart from the historical recognition of Eli Cohen on the time axis, a study of Eli's character qualities through the eyes of figures he encountered during his life has a significant value.

This viewpoint allows us to connect with Eli from a variety of personal eye-views.
To this end we will make use of a play-tool called "Guess who I am?" This play experience works at two levels - one level is "who am I?" - with Eli Cohen, and a second, hidden level will allow the visitor to recognize better his abilities, thereby furthering his own personal development.

The intelligence world is based on a deep-set recognition of the topic of assignment while identifying with the chosen image from various angles.

Zone 4

Eli Cohen - our Agent in Damascus (the power of a secret assignment)

The clandestine world of Intelligence is unique.

This is a world that presents a natural guise on the surface, but conceals behind it an alternative situation that is fraught with secrets and challenges.

It is of the highest importance that visitors try their skill and experience the initial suspicion that here is a situation that on the surface seems quite natural and open, but underneath there are apparently signs of information impending revelation.

The visitor's excitement at discovering such information leads to a deeper understanding of the need to live a double life and the thrill of uncovering concealed material.Once the magnitude of Eli Cohen's  work has been impressed on the visitor's mind by his experiences at the zone, he will reach a higher level of identification with Eli Cohen's world. This will arouse the awareness of each visitor as to the way revealed facts should be viewed and understood and present the option of discovering hidden features.

In addition, the effort of searching carries a significant value because of the necessity for cooperation.We must understand that every agent, however capable, is not allowed to act on his own initiative, seeing that his personal world is made up of very many partners, namely, his collaborators in the intelligence services who are partners in his assignment.

Eli Cohen received intensive training in Israel and in Argentine, after which he was sent to Damascus in order to be a fighter there.

In order to conserve the authenticity of what it feels like to be alone in enemy territory, the visitor will enter zone 4, which is made up to resemble the area where Eli Cohen spent his time during his mission to Damascus.

There are 2 rooms in the zone:
Room 1 - a typical Damascus living-room where the emphasis is placed on collection of intelligence information.
Room 2 - a radio room, where the emphasis will be on the principles of undercover communication.

Zone 5

Mission and Quality

The "Mission and Quality" room will confront the visitor with the two aspects of a mission:

Eli's mission and the its tremendous impact.

"A mission from Damascus" - an encouragement for each one of those present to find his own special mission in life.

This zone is intended to broaden the concept of building up a picture whereby the intelligence services can assess the country's strategic and tactic status, according to the extent of its attacking or counter-attacking capabilities. Here, a stress will be placed on the contribution of Eli Cohen to Israel's security.

The message will be transmitted by means of a thrilling movie narrating Eli Cohen's mission and its contribution to the preparedness of the State of Israel on the brink of the Six Day War.

The aim of the movie is to get over the message of the magnitude of Eli Cohen's contribution and his sacrifice for the sake of Israel and to encourage each and every one in the audience to find his own special mission in life.