The Eli Cohen association, in collaboration with the Herzliya Municipality, is in the process of setting up a unique museum named after the late Lieutenant-Colonel Eli Cohen (may his blood be avenged), one of the greatest fighters for the State of Israel since its establishment, for the distinctive purpose of encouraging the undertaking of special assignments and to study the gathering of intelligence information and the world of espionage.

The museum has set its sights on promoting the inspiring life story of Eli Cohen, with the intention of educating the younger generation towards love of our country and self-sacrifice.

We hope to open the museum during the course of this year in the former building of the Herzliya Municipality in the Town Center (conservation project).

Eli Cohen's story tells of the special mission that changed an unassuming man in the street into a first-class spy, who made a unique contribution to his people.

The State of Israel has had to contend, since it was established until this day, with unremitting dangers that threaten its very existence.
It is the intention of the museum to allow direct, unique and interactive confrontations with the world of espionage and intelligence procedures within the framework of Eli Cohen's life story. Activities will be paralleled with the stations that Eli Cohen passed through until his daring infiltration into Syria, starting from his enlistment, along with his training and the assignments that he fulfilled at his destination. Our intention is, first and foremost, to arouse enthusiasm in the hearts of our visitors for idealism and self-sacrifice on behalf of our nation.
At the first stage of its establishment, the museum will occupy 150 square meters on the third floor of the former Herzliya Municipality building that has been designated for conservation and will offer a thrilling experience for both individuals and groups.

The museum will be open to the general public, resident Israelis as well as tourists, and will provide a unique solution for educational institutions.

In the course of a tour, which should take an hour on the average for a group numbering 20 members, they will be guided through an exciting journey, brought alive by first-ranking illustrative techniques.

The stations will relate the early stages of Israeli espionage work, with a stress on the outstanding contribution made by Eli Cohen that enabled the State to survive. The qualities required by an intelligence agent and his training program will be reviewed, and the principles of undercover procedures will be presented. The visitor will become familiar with the byways of Damascus and the world of those adopting Arab culture and habits and will learn whatever than can be revealed about Eli's secret mission in Syria.

The narrative will be accompanied by interactive experiences that will introduce the visitor to intelligence coaching methods and to Eli Cohen's ways of action during the training period for his assignment.

The Educational Factor

During the week, the Eli Cohen Museum will host groups of 20 and individual visitors that have made advance booking.

The Museum will unfold before the visitors the story of Eli Cohen's bravery from a holistic viewpoint that will include the challenges that confronted the emerging State at this juncture.

The information presented by the museum will pivot around three interwoven axes:
a guiding, educational axis - the life story of Eli Cohen and his courage guiding axis offering

interactive experience - introduction to the world of espionage and data gathering disciplines, and translation of intelligence to strength and security.

The summarizing axis - "The command and the obligation" - the dependence of Israel's survival on the daring of the individual and the contribution by each one of us to society and the community - the power of accepting a mission.

The Target Audience

The principal audience towards which the museum is aimed includes youth groups, soldiers and adult/veteran members of the defense forces.

The museum is focusing its main activities towards specific groups that are in critical stages of "evolvement of values", when their introduction at this time to Eli Cohen's story will have significance in engraving his heritage on their minds.

The activities directed at youngsters and soldiers will serve to trigger emotions encouraging assignment initiative and found a value basis for their future behavior as adults and community leaders in Israeli society.

Individuals visiting the museum can be assembled into a group for a wide scope adventure tour.

Visitors will "grow up" with the young Eli Cohen, so that they will be able to comprehend the circumstances and events that served as a background to his life.

Values and Heritage

Visitors will learn about those special character traits that hid behind Eli's powerful motivation to offer himself for the assignment that influenced the rest of his life story.

After hearing the details of Eli Cohen's private story, they will continue through an adventure trip that will provide them with a clearer picture of the tremendous repercussions that his mission had both on his close family circle and on the history of the State of Israel.As part of Eli Cohen's transformation into a public emissary, he went through a lengthy period of professional training at the hands of the Mossad.

With the aid of unclassified material, visitors will be introduced to current methods of gathering intelligence information, as compared with the methods employed in Eli Cohen's days.

The visitor will get an idea of what is required of such a public emissary - what qualities and proficiencies he must possess, what preparatory training is necessary and what his personal obligations are.

The museum aims to encourage the visitor to ask questions regarding motivation and initiative of the type:
Where do I stand as regards initiative?
What is the goal that I am prepared to take action for and on behalf of which I am motivated to take on an assignment?
What qualities and traits are required of me so that I can fulfill such an assignment?

Apart from the tour itself, the museum will offer supplementary material:
study programs in preparation for the tour as well as material for further study afterwards, in order to provide a productive, long-term educational platform.

Such activities and others, such as lectures and courses dealing with the subject, have an important role to play in basing Eli Cohen's heritage in the minds of those attending the Center.

A Description of the Tour and the Experiences

A visitor to the museum can expect a thrilling adventure that will sweep him through Eli Cohen's fascinating life story, along with an introduction to data collection methods and an unparalleled peek into the world of espionage and clandestine activities.

The visitor will enjoy a multi-sensory experience for about one hour, together with his group, while passing through five zones that provide both information and activity.

The tour is one-directional, the visitor following a chronological route that is parallel with the historical events that accompanied Eli Cohen's life story.
A visit to the Center provides a continuous, interactive event that combines the active study of methods by which intelligence information is gathered, along with an in-depth understanding of the multiplicity of Eli Cohen's experiences as a citizen and as a fighter.

The museum will combine several presentation methods in order to communicate its messages: the use of authentic settings, objects and original pictures for illustrative purposes camera interviews of family members, fighters and decision-takers interactive, simulation games frontal instruction

The passage from one activity to the next will be special and surprising.It is planned to set up a catalogued digital archive containing all unclassified material pertaining to the life and activity of the Mossad fighter Eli Cohen z"l.