The Organization

"Our agent Eli Cohen (Hy"d) is still in Damascus" (Registered Association No. 580689800) is a registered, non-profit organization.
The Organization has as its goal the initiation and promotion of educational and cultural projects that will encourage activities inspired by the values and spirit that were Eli Cohen's heritage.
Values that mean taking on a mission, strength of character and self-sacrifice for the sake of the community.
Among the members of the Organization's Administrative Board are Eli Cohen's widow, Mrs. Nadia Cohen, other family members, well-based businessmen, well-known senior medical practitioners and former high-ranking Mossad officers.All members of the board are volunteers with the sole intention of propagating Eli Cohen's heritage.

Herzliya Municipality

The Eli Cohen Museum Project will be established in collaboration between Herzliya Municipality and the Eli Cohen Organization.It is planned to open the Eli Cohen Museum in the former Herzliya Municipality building at 2, Hanadiv Street, cr. Sokolov 19, Herzliya.
The historical building has been designated for conservation.
The museum area remains the property of Herzliya Municipality.
A contract has been drawn up between the Municipality and the Organization.The contract defines the proportions of responsibility and authority shared between the Municipality and the Organization with respect to the lease of area to be occupied by the Museum for an extended period of 20 years.