Eli Cohen Museum

From vision to reality


Plans and Hopes of the Museum

The Eli Cohen association, in collaboration with the Herzliya Municipality, is in the process of setting up a unique museum named after the late Lieutenant-Colonel Eli Cohen (may his blood be avenged), one of the greatest fighters for the State of Israel since its establishment, for the distinctive purpose of encouraging the undertaking of special assignments and to study the gathering of intelligence information and the world of espionage.

The museum has set its sights on promoting the inspiring life story of Eli Cohen, with the intention of educating the younger generation towards love of our country and self-sacrifice.

We hope to open the museum during the course of this year in the former building of the Herzliya Municipality in the Town Center (conservation project).

It is the intention of the museum to allow direct, unique and interactive confrontations with the world of espionage and intelligence procedures within the framework of Eli Cohen's life story. Activities will be paralleled with the stations that Eli Cohen passed through until his daring infiltration into Syria, starting from his enlistment, along with his training and the assignments that he fulfilled at his destination. Our intention is, first and foremost, to arouse enthusiasm in the hearts of our visitors for idealism and self-sacrifice on behalf of our nation.
A personal plea by Nadia Cohen, the late Eli Cohen's widow
I am spreading Eli's light, which implies that whatever activity one is engaged in, one must be honest and truthful. This is the only way we can build up a State based on truth, contribution and giving. My message is for self-sacrifice, because that was how he was.
Nadia Cohen, 2021

Eli Cohen - the Man and the Fighter

Eli's mission can be divided in two stages: the mission that he fulfilled in his youth, the goal of which was to bring new Olim to the land of Israel, and his later mission as an adult, which was in defense of the Israeli State.
Eli Cohen was a fighter.

What capabilities are required of a Mossad fighter?
If we wish to understand Eli Cohen, we must learn about the capabilities required of a fighter in the service of the intelligence authorities.
Firstly, he must be a good actor - the fighter must create a situation in which he plays the central role.

Then, all in one breath, he must possess the qualities of daring, good sense, cunning and charisma; he must be capable of carrying others away with his ideas, holding them spellbound and putting them into action.

Additionally, he should be a good salesman, be able to handle intricate communication networks, be knowledgeable of a wide and comprehensive range of subjects, be fluent in a number of languages, have an outstanding memory, be highly adaptable to all kinds of situations, and be gifted with outstanding intelligence, reliability and loyalty.
This is Eli Cohen.

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